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5 Super Canva Features for Your Business

5 Super Canva Features for Your Business

When managing your own business, your time is precious, and you need to take advantage of the best tools that make your daily work easier. Canva is one such tool that can revolutionize your business. This graphic design platform offers fantastic features that can help you create beautiful designs to impress your clients and boost your brand. In this blog post, I’ll introduce you to five super features of Canva that can take your business to the next level.

Customizable Templates

Canva has a vast library of design templates that you can customize to your liking. From social media graphics to business cards to resumes, Canva has it all. You can choose from numerous templates, add your logo, adjust the color palette, and adjust the font to match your brand. This feature will save you time and help you create a consistent brand image.

Brand Kit

Canva’s Brand Kit is a game-changer if you have a brand image that you want to maintain. With this feature, you can upload your brand colors, logo, and font style, and it will be kept in one place. Every time you create a new design, you don’t have to worry about searching for your brand elements because they will always be present in your Brand Kit. This feature will help you maintain consistency in all your designs.

Magic Resize

Creating graphics for different platforms can be time-consuming, but not with Canva’s Magic Resize feature. This fantastic feature enables you to resize your designs effortlessly. You can create a design for Instagram, and with a few clicks, resize it for other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This feature will save you time and effort.


Canva is not just for a solopreneur; you can also collaborate with your team and clients. You can invite them to your designs, and they can edit, comment, and approve designs, which can improve communication and reduce missed details. This feature is exceptionally helpful if you work with a remote team, as it allows you to communicate and share your project progress in one place.

Canva Pro

Canva Pro is the ultimate paid version of Canva. This version comes with fantastic features such as:

  • Over 75 million premium stock photos, videos, audio files, and graphics
  • Unlimited folders to manage your designs
  • The ability to create transparent backgrounds
  • One-click background remover
  • Create templates for your team
  • Magic Resize to create animated graphics
  • Access to thousands of templates, including flyers, brochures, and posters

Canva Pro is an excellent investment for your business and the best part: there are always new features and developments.

Canva is an excellent graphic design platform that can help you create stunning designs for your business. With customizable templates, Brand Kit, Magic Resize, Collaboration, and Canva Pro, you have all the tools you need to create consistent, eye-catching imagery for your brand. As a solopreneur, it’s essential to take advantage of the best tools available to improve your brand and customer experience. Give Canva a try and see how it can help your business grow.